Best Places to Work in Indiana 2018

Posted on March 01, 2018

    T&W Corporation is excited to announce that it is one of 2018's Best Places to Work in Indiana!

    12 Questions That Must Be Asked BEFORE You Build

    Posted on February 13, 2018

      Too many churches literally jump into a building project before asking six internal questions and six external questions. The tougher questions tend to revolve around your internal unity and purpose.

      When to (or Not to) Build

      Posted on January 03, 2018

        Ray Bowman and Eddy Hall’s book When Not to Build is a must read for any church considering expansion. These authors have boiled down church facility expansion to three simple principles:

        The 4/14 Window

        Posted on December 06, 2017

          Research shows that we have a ten-year span of time to impact the minds and lives of youth. Simply put, we have ten years to make disciples for Jesus Christ out of young people.

          The Design Charrette

          Posted on November 15, 2017

            Success in a church building program isnít found in the brick, stone or steelÖIt is found in the solid relationships formed when people are united by a common purpose and work together in harmony to achieve their goal.