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T and W Church

Project Team

Project Developer - Kurt Williams
Project Manager - Chuck Aker
Project Superintendent - Jeff Hasty

Project Description

  • Location: Taylor Mill, Kentucky
  • Square Footage: 13,300 s.f.
  • Use: The complete renovation of an existing church
    that has been in decline, allows Lakeside Christian to have their third location for worship.This is the second multi-site location that T&W Church Solutions has been honored to re-purpose for Lakeside Christian.
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price: $1,102,680 (In 2019 Dollars)*
  • Cost Per Square Foot: $82.90**

*Due to the unique challenges that each building site presents, the cost figures are based only on the facility design and construction. The site development costs are not included.
**Cost does not reflect owner supplied FFE (fixtures, furnishings and equipment).

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