Time spent early in the planning process has the most direct influence on the cost of your project. T&W Church Solutions and your unique integrated project team walk you through a Discovery process that incorporates “value engineering” decision from the beginning.

In addition, “Discovery” is an ideal time to assess the attitudes, beliefs and perceptions of church members regarding your project.

The key components of this stage of our process are:

  1. Financial Analysis & Facility Model
  2. Facility Need Analysis
  3. Site Challenge Analysis

These elements will establish your Facility Needs Projection and the Discovery Conceptual Estimate.

The specific details covered in this part of the Discovery process will be:

  • Financial Analysis
    Develop a clear understanding of financial capacity
  • Facility Model
    Develop a clear understanding of facility size
  • Project Alignment
    Comparison of project vision to the church's ability to fund it
  • Facility Needs Analysis
    Develop a clear understanding of ministry needs
  • Facility Space Prioritization
    Agree upon ministry needs and wants
  • Facility Needs Projection
    Comparison of facility space "needed" to financial capacity
  • Site Challenge Analysis
    Develop a clear understanding of the site development issues, costs and permit processes
  • Project Schedule
    Develop a clear project schedule from Discovery through Construction
  • Conceptual Estimate
    Comparison of all project costs to the church's financial capacity
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