The vision for your new ministry space is about to become reality. The months invested in designing space that will actually enhance and grow your ministry begins to take shape at this stage.
The key components of this stage of our process are:

  1. Construction Documents
  2. Subcontractor Bidding & Selection
  3. Construction & Quality Control

These elements lead up to Design Document Bidding and Construction of your project.
The specific details covered in the Construction Process are:

  • Construction Documents
    Develop the complete set of building plans.

  • State & Local Permitting
    Secure all required state & local building permits.

  • Design Document Bidding
    Open Book bidding with all qualified subcontractors - 100% of all Savings are given back to YOU!

  • Construction TQM
    Total Quality Management System: Every step of the project is quality controlled.

  • Full Time Supervision
    A full time, T&W project superintendent will be assigned to and focused on your project.

  • Bi-Weekly Meetings
    Every two weeks a progress meeting will be held at your project site.

  • Building Warranty
    A Two-Year "bumper to bumper" warranty is supplied on every T&W project.

  • Building Dedication
    ​A comprehensive Operation and Maintenance walk-thru and manual is supplied on every T&W project.

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