Creating an environment that reaches the first-time visitor and serves the long-time member is critical. The T&W team works diligently to design relevant facilities where people can relax, be themselves, connect with God and others and feel part of a special community of believers.

Through a series of meetings, your Building Team provides input and reviews concept drawings that result in an architectural presentation that incorporates your vision for ministry into preliminary building plans. The key components of this stage of our process are:

  1. Facility Schematic Design
  2. Master Site Plan Schematic Design
  3. Subcontractor Qualification

These elements create your ARCHITECTURAL SCHEMATIC ESTIMATE and will establish your Guaranteed Maximum Price.

​The specific details covered in this part of the Architecture Process are the:

  • Facility Schematic Design
    Develop a graphic representation of your vision for effective ministry
  • MEP Analysis
    Develop a clear understanding of the heating and cooling, electrical and plumbing needs
  • AVL Analysis
    Develop a clear understanding of the audio, visual, acoustical and performance lighting needs
  • Schematic Estimate
    Comparison of facility design with actual "Open Book" subcontractor bids
  • Structural Prelim Design
    Develop a clear understanding of the structural elements for GMP bidding
  • Value Engineering
    Review and evaluate materials and methods of construction affecting cost as well as long-term value
  • Master Site Plan Design
    Develop a clear "map" for future development of the building facility and site.
  • Geo-Technical Boring
    Develop a clear understanding of the soil structure and any required foundation mediation
  • Subcontractor Qualification
    Develop a comprehensive list of subcontractors that the church has relationship with and who should be considered for the project
  • GMP Contract
    Develop a Guaranteed Maximum Price for the final design and construction of your facility
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