Posted on February 01, 2019
If you have 5 minutes, watch this video:
Whether you took the time to watch the video or not, the subject at hand is the idea of WHY.

In any context, WHY do you do what you do? As described in the video, we all know WHAT we do and we know HOW we do it. The WHAT and the HOW are important indeed, but humans are wired to seek a purpose in life. If we navigate life only knowing WHAT and HOW we do what we do, then we are missing out on our bigger purpose. The WHY should be what defines our purpose.

Most people can muster up a WHY if you ask them. So, we asked the employees at T&W what their WHY is because we had a feeling their WHY was not just about building buildings…although it is a fascinating process!

Here are the most widely used words by our employees in a survey asking WHY they work for T&W.

As for the churches we serve, we know their WHY is front and center to their ministry – serving Christ by service to others. We partner with churches because their mission is one that T&W wants to get behind…at the heart of it, our WHY is your WHY.

If you are planning to expand, renovate, refresh, update or relocate…we want to help! We believe the growing church can plan, design and build facilities with minimal cost, minimal distraction and maximum ministry impact.

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