The Design Charrette

Posted on November 15, 2017

    Success in a church building program isn’t found in the brick, stone or steel…It is found in the solid relationships formed when people are united by a common purpose and work together in harmony to achieve their goal.

    It Takes a Team. 3 "Easy" Steps Before You Build.

    Posted on October 18, 2017

      Too many churches approach a building project with the steps to be completed, out of order. Many times, it looks like…  

      When the Parking Lot is the Problem

      Posted on October 11, 2017

        Your parking lot is the first thing that will “speak” to your visitors. What does it say?

        What Will My Project Cost?

        Posted on October 09, 2017

          “How much will this cost?” This is the question I hear from almost every building committee.

          Church Teams...Have You Thought About Risk Management?

          Posted on September 05, 2017

            We can’t emphasize enough the importance of structuring the right Church Building Team. In fact, we wrote an entire eBook about it! But, churches shouldn’t stop there when it comes to forming critical teams within the church.